Power fans who have been missing their dose of Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) from the franchise's latest spinoffs have just a couple of weeks to go until the "crazy white boy" makes his return to the series' universe, leading his own batch of episodes in Power Book IV: Force.

The much-loved character has left New York behind and we see in this latest trailer that he's ventured out to Chicago, in the hopes of taking on the city and its drug underworld on his own.

Of course, moving into a new area and claiming it isn't something that's without its challenges.

On his way to Chicago, Tommy makes what is supposed to be a quick detour to close an old wound that's been haunting him for as long as he can remember. That stop turns into a myriad of family secrets and lies that Tommy believed to be buried.

Meanwhile, he inserts himself between the city's two biggest crews, straddling a line in a place that's separated by race, ultimately becoming the head figure that unites them, as well as holding their fate in his hands.

Using his status as an outsider to his advantage, Tommy breaks all the rules set in place by locals, rewriting them on a mission to become the biggest drug dealer around.

Tommy's family life has always been a complicated one. He had a close but unique relationship with his mother, who would often sell him out if it meant she could get her hands on a wad of cash or a bag of drugs.

Whether or not we will see Patricia Kalember reprise her role as his parent in Force however, remains to be seen.

What we can assume from the new teaser though, is that he'll be delving deeper into his Irish roots.

Sikora is joined by a cast that includes Isaac Keys, Lili Simmons, Gabrielle Ryan, Shane Harper, Kris D. Lofton, Anthony Fleming III, Lucien Cambric and Tommy Flanagan.

Courtney A. Kemp and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson are of course reunited as executive producers on the show.

Tommy makes his return in Power Book IV: Force
Tommy makes his return in Power Book IV: Force

Power Book IV: Force premieres on Sunday February 6th, exclusive to Starzplay, with new episodes available every Sunday thereafter.

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