Rose Matafeo and Mike Wozniak are set to co-host 'Junior Taskmaster'.

Rose Matafeo will front Junior Taskmaster

Rose Matafeo will front Junior Taskmaster

The 31-year-old comedian and Mike, 43, have been named as the presenters of the junior version of the beloved Channel 4 show, which will see five kids do a set of whimsical tasks.

Rose said in a statement: "To be appointed as Junior Taskmaster is one of the greatest honours of my already wildly successful career. I am greatly looking forward to the power going to my head."

Mike has described his new role as "a dream come true".

He said: "All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Little Alex Horne (or a regional manager for a major provider of motorway service stations) so this is literally a dream come true.

"I hereby vow to do my utmost to hold the office of Junior Taskmaster’s Assistant in the spirit of the original Little Alex Horne: with his courage, his grit and his dignity."

Meanwhile, Rose recently starred on the daytime TV quiz show 'Pointless'.

The comedian joked that she was keen to know what was on Richard Osman's computer screen during his time on the programme.

Rose - who has previously appeared as a guest on '8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown' - said: "For the next two weeks I’ll be co-hosting 'Pointless' because they asked, and I was like ‘for sure I will do that’ and with respect my agent was like ‘why’ and I was like ‘because it would be funny, and I want to see what’s on the laptop.'"

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