Rylan Clark has threatened to chop off Claudia Winkleman's fringe if he isn't pick for a celebrity version of 'The Traitors'.

Rylan Clark would love to compete on The Traitors

Rylan Clark would love to compete on The Traitors

The former 'X Factor' and 'Celebrity Big Brother star' has insisted while his days as a contestant on a reality TV show are over, he would make an exception to join her friend's BBC gameshow.

He told Radio Times Magazine: "I would hate nothing more than to be a contestant again. Unless it was on Celebrity Traitors. I’d go to town on that.

"Literally every time I see Claudia, I’m like, 'Why has this not been done? Sort it out or I’ll cut your fringe off, babe.' "

The 35-year-old presenter is a huge fan of the game of bluff and deception, and he's loving getting to see his pal Claudia in such a fun role.

He added: "I love The Traitors, obviously! Everyone’s on that bandwagon.

"Claud is a good mate of mine – seeing her with her high collars and fringe makes me smile."

The game sees 22 strangers - made up of Faithful and Traitors - come together in a Scottish castle, as they face daily challenges to increase the show's prize fund up to a maximum of £120,000.

The Faithful's task throughout the game is to eliminate the Traitors in roundtable banishments, but each night the Traitors can "murder" a Faithful of their choosing.

Any Faithful left at the end of the game will share the prize pot, but if just one Traitor is among them they will win the lot, which happened in the recent second series as Harry Clark took home £95,000.

Despite viewers loving having the show made up of ordinary people, executive producer Stephen Lambert is open to a celebrity edition one day.

He told 'The News Agent' podcast: "I think it would be pretty entertaining… We talk to the BBC about the future of all our shows and that's obviously a possibility.

"The original Dutch version was with Dutch celebrities. So, it was really a decision that we made with the BBC to make the first British version without celebrities."