Rylan Clark wants to be cryogenically frozen in a glass coffin.

Rylan Clark wants a glass coffin to display his body

Rylan Clark wants a glass coffin to display his body

The former 'Big Brother' has pondered what he wants to happen to his body when he dies, and he has made an unexpected proposal to let everyone get a good look at him after he's gone.

Appearing on the 'Where There's A Will There's A Wake' podcast, he joked: "Imagine the glass coffin.

"I want the coffin to be stood upright and then be cryogenically frozen with LED lights, soft light-blue-ish, in my outfit, stood there looking stunning.

"And who knows? A couple of years down the line they might be like... 'bring him out!' "

The 35-year-old star has also been open about his split from ex-husband Dan Neal, and he has revealed the experience resulted in a surprising connection with Robert Rinder and Alan Carr.

He added: "Me and Rob have just both been through a divorce.

“We had the same divorce lawyer as well. We didn’t know, she’s earned a fortune. Alan as well – she’s done all the gays.”

Last summer, it was announced that Rob and Rylan would be joining forces for a new travel show 'Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour' as take an historic trip across Italy.

Rylan previously joked that he's worried the new series could be received one of two ways.

He told The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column: "We’ll either get a Bafta or we’re going to get cancelled.

“One scene in Florence I am really worried about. I am getting off with a French rugby player and Rob is dancing on a bar. It is just awful.

“I have got his number, of course. But I am worried about what French I was saying. We will find out.

“It is making me cringe. You never see yourself kiss someone — I might have to quit public life!”