Shaun Wallace "always plays to win" 'The Chase'.

Shaun Wallace always plays The Chase with the intention of winning

Shaun Wallace always plays The Chase with the intention of winning

The 63-year-old star serves as a Chaser on the ITV1 teatime game show alongside Anne Hegerty, Jenny Ryan, Darragh Ennis, Mark Labbett, and Paul Sinha that sees a team of up to four players try to win a big sum of money by taking on one of Britain's finest quizzers but admitted that he will always go to see his opponents after the recording whether they win or lose.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', he explained: " As far as we're concerned, we play to win. And my best victory is when I win by about a second and I love that.

"I will go and see the contestants afterwards whether they win or lose. I will always say if they've beat me then it's fair play, but if they don't then I'll say 'You came here with nothing, you'll leave with nothing!'"

The barrister is also part of 'Beat the Chasers' - which sees all six Chasers get together to take on members of the public in head-to-head challenges - and explained that they always "win or lose" together on the show even though some are "quicker" than him at answering questions on the spin-off of the hit quiz show.

He said: "Especially when we do 'Beat the Chasers', that's the first time we get together, the team. Sometimes, we don't get to see each other on a regular basis and it's wonderful that we all come together as a formidable force. There are certain Chasers who are quicker than others, I'm like Timmy the tortoise with pressing the buzzer, but we win and we lose together."