Sheridan Smith found presenting "nerve-wracking".

Sheridan Smith found presenting 'nerve-wracking'

Sheridan Smith found presenting 'nerve-wracking'

The 'Teacher' star wants to focus more on acting now that COVID-19 social distancing measures have eased.

The 40-year-old actress said: “Acting will always be my passion. I did some presenting for a while and I was really grateful for those jobs because I did love them – especially ‘Pooch Perfect’ as I’m a mad dog lover.

“But I found the presenting quite nerve-wracking and I think I’ll probably do less of it now that we’re out of lockdown."

In May 2020, the 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' star labelled the BBC One doggie grooming show as her “dream job” and said it was “a match made in heaven”.

She said: "To combine my love of dogs with a brand new job presenting for the BBC was a match made in heaven! Everyone who knows me will understand that animals, and especially dogs are very special to me.

"I live at home with six dogs, so presenting a show dedicated to our four-legged best friends didn't take much consideration! I'm used to being on set with lots of actors, this time I can't wait to hang out all day with dozens of dogs. It is literally my dream job!"

The 'Gavin and Stacey' star has also gushed about Kelvin Fletcher, her 38-year-old co-star on new Channel 5 drama 'Teacher', in which she plays Jenna, a teacher accused of having a close relationship with a student.

She said: “I always thought he was a great actor.”

The two-time Olivier Award winner revealed Jenna and Kelvin's character, Adam, a teaching colleague at the school, have “a really complex relationship”.

She is quoted by The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column as saying: “He’s a really nice guy and Jenna has a really complex relationship with his character.

"She’s so lost, she’s craving love but in all the wrong places and he’s a married man.”