Shirley Ballas is having a lump under her right arm checked out by her doctor after 'Strictly Come Dancing' viewers spotted it.

Shirley Ballas (c) Instagram

Shirley Ballas (c) Instagram

The head judge on the BBC One celebrity dance contest took to Instagram to reveal she was inundated with messages of concern by fans of the show who noticed what looked like a node.

And after doing a "self-check", the 61-year-old former Latin champion, who said she could feel what appears to be a "tiny little node", is going to her doctor on Tuesday (19.10.21) to get it checked over properly.

Shirley captioned the clip: "So many messages over the last three weeks about suspected lump under my right arm. I have done a self check and will go to my Dr on Tuesday. Thank you to those who reached out with their concerns. To all be vigilant and do self checks regularly. #selfcheck #nodes #breastcancerawareness #gratitude #thankyou (sic)"

In 2019, the choregrapher underwent a four-hour operation to have her breast implants removed due to cancer fears.

And Shirley hopes young women will learn to love their own bodies, rather than get "all these procedures".

She said: "Don't think you need to have these procedures to make you look more attractive. For young women, if someone is making you feel bad about yourself, talk to someone. But don't do what I did. You can't make somebody love you, no matter what you do to yourself. You can get implants, you can get all these procedures, thinking you will be more of a woman for that person. But it does not make a difference. If they don't love you, they won't no matter what you do to your appearance. It's learning to love yourself."

Shirley made the decision to remove her DD breast implants and embrace her natural A cup after she discovered a potentially dangerous capsule that had grown unexpectedly.

And for those still considering implants, the TV star urged them to "do their research" into the possible risks.

She added: "Do your research about the implants. I did not do mine. I thought if I put them in I'd look better and my husband would think of me as more desirable.

"I made this choice many years ago not understanding what I was really doing, except telling myself I didn't look good enough."