Sir David Jason thinks 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' has too much swearing in it.

Sir David Jason

Sir David Jason

The 'Only Fools and Horses' legend has admitted he finds the popular theatre show - based on Irish matriarch Agnes Brown who interferes in the lives of her friends and family members - "very funny" but wishes the actors would tone down the foul language because it's not suitable for kids.

Speaking at the launch of Cirque du Soleil's Ovo at the Royal Albert Hall, David told BANG Showbiz: "I think 'Mrs Brown's Boys' in particular is very good, though I do find that perhaps the language is a bit strong for a family but it is very popular and I think it's very funny. I just find that the language is a bit strong if you want to watch it with your little ones."

Meanwhile, the 77-year-old actor doesn't have much time to watch the rival comedies as he has just revealed that the BBC have recommissioned another series of 'Still Open All Hours'.

David - who plays former errand boy Granville in the comedy - explained: "It's doing so well they've asked me to do some more and why should I refuse my public."

And, although he's been asked to move across the pond for some jobs in the US, David is adamant he'll stay here for as long as people want him to - but he won't be signing up to a soap opera.

He said: "Oh no, not a soap. I like the change, I like to do different things, you could say well I've done 'Only Fools and Horses' for such a long time and I'm doing 'Open All Hours' again for such a long time, but I do like the possibility of a change. I wouldn't like to get trapped in a long series. They want me to go to Hollywood but you people keep wanting me here!"

And David has no intention of retiring until his doctor tells him his brain has "stopped working."

He added: "People should never retire, you should only retire when you're forced to, like when your brain stops working or the doctor tells you."

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