Stacey Solomon has made her first ever business investment.

Stacey Solomon's business investment

Stacey Solomon's business investment

The 33-year-old reality TV star is thrilled about the "huge moment" in her life after she invested in independent hair care brand REHAB.

She wrote on Instagram: "A huge Moment In My Life. So… I have decided for the first time in my entire career to invest my own money into a small business and become a third of @rehabyourhair. It doesn’t feel real. Growing up investing in a small business is never something in my life I thought I’d have the chance to be able to do! I feel like I’m writing this about someone else."

Stacey posted a picture of herself signing a contract and explained she has been a fan of the business for a while and wants to see them grow.

She wrote: "A long while ago now I used a small business’ haircare product, I just loved everything about it. I then brought more from the business and realised just how clever incredible this business was. When I shared them on my instagram the women who started the business got in touch told me what an impact it made on them, and how they have been working so hard to get their products out there but it’s so hard as a small business to be seen. And when they are seen it’s difficult to fulfil orders etc. I started chatting to them, then met up with them and fell in love. I fell in love with their haircare collection, work ethic, company values morals their ideas for the future. There’s obviously only so far you can go without the right support financially audience reach so although it felt scary for me as it’s something I’ve never done before obviously I knew little about I decided to ask them if I could invest in Rehab. And become a part of the brand myself. And see if I can build and grow Rehab with them because I just believe in it so much. So I am incredibly excited to say, that as of today I am 1/3 owner of @rehabyourhair. I can’t put into words how incredible it feels to say that I am going to start a whole new chapter in my life championing incredible women in business. I see so many talented people day in day out working so hard to achieve their dreams it’s not easy out there. I can’t wait to give my absolute all to Rehab take it to the places it deserves to be."

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