'Taskmaster' is returning for its 17th season this month.

Taskmaster will return this month with Little Alex Horne and Greg Davies

Taskmaster will return this month with Little Alex Horne and Greg Davies

The upcoming series of the wild gameshow - which will sees five constants trying to impress Greg Davies and his assistant, and show creator, Little Alex Horne - will be back with Steve Pemberton, Nick Mohammed, John Robins, Joanne McNally and Sophie Willan.

Now, Channel 4 has confirmed the new run of episode will kick off at 9pm on Thursday, March 28.

The broadcaster previously teased: "Who will emerge victorious, raise the weighty trophy above their head, and call themselves a Taskmaster champion?"

Earlier this year, the show hosted its third Champion of Champions special which saw the winners of series 11 through 14 head back to the house for another go.

Sarah Kendall, Morgana Robinson, Sophie Duker and Dara Ó Briain were back, while series 15 winner Mae Martin was unavailable and was instead replaced by runner-up Kiell Smith-Bynoe.

Dara won the series with Sophie finishing in second place.

The most recent regular series aired in autumn, and saw Sam Campbell crowned the winner with Sue Perkins, Susan Wokoma, Julian Clary and Lucy Beaumont making up the rest of the cast.

Meanwhie, producers behidn the show previously revealed they are debating a live experience which would let viewers in on the action.

In a video back in December 2023, host Greg Davies and his assistant Alex Horne said: "This is a very important message for the Taskmaster community.

"A lot of people have asked us whether we’ve ever considered doing a Taskmaster Live experience.

"So that you glorious people at home could actually take part in the same ludicrous tasks that so-called comedians do.

"To compete, to be the ultimate Taskmaster champion, could now be the time? Do you want this?

"If so, please sign up to the Taskmaster live experience mailing list. If we get 100,000 sign ups then we’ll know, and Taskmaster: The Live Experience will become a thing soon… Ish.

"So what are you waiting for? Sign up and become a hero. Your time starts now."