Verity Rushworth breastfed and skipped dinner to lose her post-baby weight.

Verity Rushworth

Verity Rushworth

The 31-year-old actress, who first appeared in the ITV soap 'Emmerdale' when she was just 12 year old, is busy rehearsing for her return to acting after becoming a mother, playing Lauren in 'Kinky Boots' on London's West End.

Appearing on ITV's 'Lorraine', Verity - who is mum to 10-month-old daughter Ameile, whom she has with husband Dominic Shaw - said: "I breastfed for quite a lot of time so that was really good and my husband was working the evenings so I didn't have any dinner, I just didn't eat. That's the way [to lose weight], [being] too busy to eat."

Verity admitted her daughter is now "very independent" and has "good taste" - but warned she is "asking for trouble" after she was pictured chewing a pair of her designer Louboutin shoes.

The actress explained: "I just came home and it was happening so I blame the old husband."

And when asked if she thought her daughter would follow in her acting footsteps, Verity insisted she won't be a "pushy" parent.

She explained: "I think what we should do is bring her to 'Kinky Boots', see if she likes it and then we will know. If she cries maybe not, and if she loves it ... it's up to her, we're not going to be pushy.

"My family aren't like that at all. We'll keep the Louboutins out of her mouth and her feet on the ground."

Meanwhile, Verity revealed she is looking forward to starring in 'Kinky Boots' - which opens at the Adelphi Theatre on July 3 - after impressing director Jerry Mitchell and musician Cyndi Lauper in her audition.

She said: "I was very lucky I was offered the role and I'm thrilled. It's exciting but terrifying - terror-exciting."