Vogue Williams rummaged through bins whilst she was filming Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, so gripped by hunger whilst going through the tough reality show that she and fellow contestant Emilia Fox resorted to desperate measures.

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

She admitted: "In the jungle, Emilia and I would actually go and look through the camera crew's bins when no one was around. We would have eaten scraps."

Despite her slender figure, Vogue loves indulging in her favourite calorific foods.

She said: "The first thing we do on a hangover day is set the alarm and ring Domino's [for pizza]. We spend a fortune on takeaways.

"My sister thinks we're disgusting because when she comes to stay, we sit in bed with a pizza."

During her stint on the tough survival show, Vogue drank her own urine, and her husband, Brian McFadden, is still grossed out.

He told OK! magazine: "I can't get it out of my head that she drank her own p**s. I still haven't kissed her."

While Vogue may have struggled with the lack of food, Brian would have found it hardest sharing a camp with Jamelia.

He said: "I think everyone thought Jamelia would go first, what a whinge she was. She makes you want to poke your eye out of your head."