Helen Wood has received a formal warning from 'Big Brother' bosses.

Helen Wood

Helen Wood

The 28-year-old beauty - who was crowned queen of the show last year - has found herself in hot water with producers after her defamatory remarks towards her housemate Brian Belo caused him to decide to quit the programme, making his escape from the BB House by climbing over a garden wall.

Brian - who won the 2007 series - decided to leave the house yesterday (24.06.15) in an elaborate escape plan after being tormented by Helen and other contestant Marc O'Neill.

Speaking in the Diary Room before he left the house, Brian, 27, confessed: "I feel like I'm being ganged up on. I don't want to cry. I've tried to keep away from there. I shouldn't have come back here. This is really hard. I feel like I'm living in hell. I'm defeated. I'm getting a barrage of abuse."

The pair had previously clashed when Helen branded Brian an "ungrateful b*****d" and a "psycho".

She said: "You're here for the money. Ungrateful bastard. At least I'm not fake."

To which Brian replied: "You're pond scum. You're like the Dementors from Harry Potter."

She then continued to abuse Brian, saying: "Straitjackets in the store room, psycho."

And it seems more trouble could be on the horizon for Helen after glamour model Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace entered the house last night (24.06.15).

The 36-year-old blonde can be seen making her way inside during tonight's episode (25.06.15) and is already set to ruffle Helen's feathers after claiming she "won't hold back" when it comes to putting her in her place.

She said: "I won't be approaching Helen as she intimidates me but if I see her targeting someone else I definitely won't hold back and I will be telling her to know herself. I like to call her the spawn of Satan; she is just a bitch and is horrible to everyone."