Lewis Flanagan was removed from 'Big Brother' for doing an impression of Adolf Hitler and saying "Kill the Jews".

Lewis Flanagan

Lewis Flanagan

The 27-year-old housemate was kicked out of the Channel 5 reality show digs on Friday (26.10.18) for using offensive language, and has now broken his silence about his sudden exit.

The bartender explained to The Sun Online: "I was talking to Cameron about getting him some outfits and I said the word 'Auschwitz' instead of outfits by mistake.

"It was a slip of the tongue and then I tried to mock Hitler and did an impression of him saying 'Kill the Jews.' "

Lewis - who immediately went to the diary room after the incident - has apologised "wholeheartedly" to the public for his inappropriate impression.

He said: "It was an impression not a statement of my beliefs at all - and has come out completely wrong and I'm devastated. I am not anti-Semitic, I am agnostic. I love all people."

Lewis - who was one of this series' most popular contestants and was tipped to win the £100,000 prize - is crushed that he is no longer on the show and hopes the public will accept the apology so that he can continue with his life as normal.

He added: "I just want people to know the truth and know I didn't mean anything by what I said. I'm not a bad person. I want to clear the air and wipe the slate clean.

"If I have offended anyone, I am truly sorry. But I want them to know it was never my intention to upset anyone with what was a stupid impression."

The scenes which showed Lewis making the comments will never be aired by Channel 5.

Lewis - who respected their decision - admitted: "I know why I had to leave and I understand why."