Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay wants to host 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The presenter would jump at the chance to take over from the TV legend when he retires as he believes he'd be an "idiot" to turn down the offer of co-hosting the dancing show alongside his wife Tess Daly.

Quizzed about whether he'd like to step in for Bruce, Vernon replied: "That question always makes me laugh. When someone says, 'Would you like to co-host the most successful show on British TV at the moment', who is going to say no?

"What idiot is going to say, 'I do not want to host a Saturday night prime-time show on the BBC that averages 11.5million viewers a week?' "

The star, who turns 40 next week, has teamed up with his wife of 10 years several times in the past, namely co-hosting celebrity singing contest 'Just the Two of Us' for the BBC.

He added: "It would be great to work with Tess again. It's such a good laugh - the relationship on screen is exactly the same as it is at home.

"Tess is meticulous when it comes to detail, whereas I like ad-libbing around the script. I don't necessarily learn it word for word, so Tess keeps me in check. If someone offered us something together, we wouldn't say no."

However, Vernon believes the gig is likely to go to Claudia Winkleman, who has already demonstrated great on-screen chemistry with Tess during the results shows.

He explained in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: "She and Tess have a great relationship. They are like mischievous schoolgirls when they get together. It's not just on-screen, that's what they are like in real life too.When those two get together, the fellas take a back seat. It would be pretty phenomenal to have such a successful show presented by two women as well. I doff my cap to the Beeb if they do that."

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