Maxi Shield is one of those competing in Drag Race Down Under / Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder
Maxi Shield is one of those competing in Drag Race Down Under / Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder

New challenges and joys came to Drag Race Down Under in the sixth episode of the season.

This week’s maxi challenge is the much-loved fan favourite makeover, and the elimination that came with it was crushing.

After the post-elimination and before the Australian and New Zealand queens get in a tiff, Karen is clearly and rightly frustrated after getting a safe placement in another challenge.

Art, suggests that maybe it’s because some queens *cough cough* Elektra *cough cough* are receiving praise. After all, their expectations of them were so low in the first place. While Elektra thinks Art is only jealous and is confident of her win.

I’m somewhat in the middle of the two queens. Elektra has really had a major improvement on the runway, and her commercial was the best one. Art has high expectations because she is a pretty well-known queen in the UK and America.

The video guest this week was Aunty Donna. Scarlet admitted she was more excited about that than Dannii Minogue – I mean, she is already 'cancelled', might as well add to it.

Maxi wins the mini-challenge and is given an advantage in the Maxi: pairing the queens up with a rugby player that they have to makeover.

While Maxi’s strategy was weird, she picked a player who fits the same size as her but had a massive bushy beard. To some people, this would be a massive mistake, but I guess the heart wants what it wants.

The typical conversation happens when the players admit to never doing any kind of a drag, and the drag queens act so shocked and disturbed over the not-so-shocking confession.

The most precious moments of his episode Is when Maxi encourages her partner to shave off his beard, and the look of pure joy on the players face when he sees himself without the bread is touching.

Kita’s partner explained how comfortable the queen made him feel which added to the precious moment before it was crushed by a bit of Art-bashing.

Art painted her own face before her partners and the queens dig in at her for it... but at the end of the day does it really matter?

It's a good tactic if you think of it. She knows how to paint her own face, so why bother rushing her look at the end when she can swiftly do it and then spend the remaining time focusing on her partner.

It’s runway time girlies!

Kita and Pheta Mean strike a family-like resemblance, but they still managed to look like their own characters, which was a defiant plus for me.

Karen and her partner, Debbie From Reception, looked jaw-droppingly similar, and I was shaken to the core. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they entered the runway – I couldn’t tell who was who!

However, Maxi and Cilla Wet looked similar, but something just didn’t rhyme with the whole resemblance it came off quite bad, to be honest.

Elektra obviously focused on herself a little more than her partner as she dashed out in sequined purple, but Riri Action looked less polished.

Art had a similar resemblance, but she could have done better with the outfit choice. Compared to the rest, theirs were quite boring.

Scarlet and her player did have a resemblance, but their costume was big no-no. Corset and tights? Have they not watched the entire Drag Race series at all?

The winner of the challenge was Kita, and it was well deserved. Her transformation was head and shoulders above the other girls.

When it came down to critique time, it was somewhat obvious it would be Maxi and Scarlet who would go up against each other in the lip-sync.

Maxi lacked detail, and Scarlet was too simple.

Every queen got read for something in this challenge, but honestly, It was the right choice.

The lip-sync song was Kylie Minogue’s ‘Better the Devil You Know’, and the lip-sync was fairly even in my opinion.

No one outdid each other, but then no one was the worst.

In the end, Scarlet’s burlesque moves won, and it was bye bye bye to Maxi.

Down to the final five queens! With just two episodes to go, who will be next for the chop and who will be crowned the first Drag Race Down Under Superstar?!

Drag Race Down Under is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Words by Bethan Case for Female First.

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