Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder
Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder

The newest Drag Race series is heading down under! Filmed in Auckland in January, it is now landing on screens on BBC Three.

The level of mean pure savagery displayed from the very beginning of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under had me gasping at my TV screen for the first 10 minutes.

I mean, these Queens just do not care, and if it carries on then, we sure do have a season ahead of us.

Etcetera Etcetera calls Maxi Shield “some old man in a dress”, and I mean, Kita Mean refers to her performance partner as riding her “coattails” before she then walks through the door!

Once the Queens have finished roasting each other, Ru arrives and greets the contestants, before announcing that this week’s Mini Challenge is a Thor parody directed over Zoom by none other than Taika Waititi.

To be fair to them all, they all do pretty well, but miss Elektra Shock wins the challenge.

The Main Challenge is revealed as a 'Born Naked' runway that is followed by a 'Hometown' runway.

Let’s get into it Queen by Queen, because there is a lot to unpack!

Art Simone

Art Simone is already quite known in world of drag. She has already had a World of Wonder show! Her outfits are campy, but with the details provided, you can see a close-up chicness, and you can just outright tell she is going to be a snarky queen by stirring the pot.

She displays cocky confidence which, she has the right to do. On the runway, she was the most polished queen delivering the 'Born Naked' look with a concept that has not been done before, which we love!

Her 'Hometown' look reflected on Melbourne’s status as a fashion city packed with wondrous street art.

JoJo Zaho

The "hooker turned housewife who sounds like a lesbian truck driver" revealed during makeup that she has lived on a mission for a portion of her childhood. It was good to see her explain the history of missions to them and giving us an insight into where her pride comes from.

Her 'Born Naked' look was kind of basic and nothing special, but her second look is a fun spin by comparison, inspired by Marie Antoinette.

Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder
Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder

Elektra Shock

Our first New Zealand Queen has hit our screens and stuns us all in a bright red burlesque outfit, and everyone cannot get over her visibly crispy wig.

Despite winning the Mini Challenge, I felt like she was very forgettable on the runway, and you could tell the other Queens have more inspiration and creative ideas.

Scarlet Adams

With a shady history on social media, we're hoping that Scarlet Adams has learned some lessons from her past.

Her 'Born Naked' look is a full prosthetic bodysuit that has everything on display, which then led Ru to comparing her to a ‘human fleshlight.” Quite the moment!

Kita Mean

The second New Zealand Queen reveals that she’s struggled with her weight all her life and had to get gastric sleeve surgery and still feels self-conscious. It's an honest moment that I'm sure many people at home will find relatable.

The 'Born Naked' bodysuit was quite saggy and again, was forgettable. Her 'Hometown' look was a rugby uniform however, which was unique and original when compared to the other contestants.

Maxi Shield

Maxi Shield is fun, charming and I want to know more about her!

Her trademark bazoombas are massive, and it a no surprise that no one cannot stop making comments about them. Maxi has already hit that feeling of self-consciousness as she feels like the age difference between her and Etcetera is a standout thing, but it all comes down to how polished and talented you are.

For her 'Born Naked' look, she shows off a Madonna-inspired nude illusion, and in her 'Hometown' look she comes out in a prawn gown inspired by Ballina’s Big Prawn.

Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder
Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder

Coco Jumbo

I am obsessed with Coco Jumbo. Her purple and gold minidress is beautiful and those shady producers lining up a confessional with Elektra losing it over Coco, whilst Coco is reading her to filth.

The 'Born Naked' look, however, just does not translate well at all. I mean girl, what are you thinking? You started the show off so good, so let's hope she can pull things back before it's too late!

Etcetera Etcetera

The Queens have already decided to underestimate Etcetera, which as we know isn't always a good thing for them all to do! She is going to be one to watch!

Her 'Born Naked' look was quite forgettable for me, but her 'Hometown' look was inspired by Canberra’s unique road system, allowing her to deliver a stunning and beautiful look.

Anita Wigl’it

While Anita is quite comedic, it sometimes feels forced, and I have no idea what she is trying to convey. I loved that she addressed that she and Kita employ Elektra at their burlesque bar and commenting that whatever happens, she will still be her boss!

Her 'Born Naked' look was Garden of Eden-inspired. That made her stand out, but I'm not too sure for how long she'll be able to stand out amongst this pack.

Karen From Finance

First off, what a name! I love it. Plus, she had the most memorable entrance from failing to hit her mark and walking right up to the camera.

On the runway, she makes a camp series of reveals for her 'Born Naked' runway that was done to perfection, and her 'Hometown' look gave us a drunken racegoer cosplay.

I think Karen was really deserving of this win, and if she carries on, it will be a good run for her!

Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder
Picture Credit: BBC/World of Wonder

Main Stage

On the main stage, we get to see Ru out of drag - is a shock to the system, but I suppose it will be for some pandemic-related reason!

Ru, Michelle and Rhys all praise Karen and Art and read the rest of them for their overall lack of polish.

JoJo and Elektra were left to lip-sync to Bee Gees classic Tragedy, which is an outstanding lip-sync choice.

Elektra is the obvious winner from the two and sends JoJo home, which is upsetting as JoJo looks like she really could have been a fierce competitor.

Next week we get to see a bit more of the Aussie and New Zealand Queens, and I cannot wait!

RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under continues Sundays in the UK, available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Words by Bethan Close for Female First.

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