Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

This week is the singing and dancing challenge that gets the queens into the finale. They were performing to RuPaul’s new song, Lucky, which in my opinion, is actually quite catchy (but has nothing on U K HUN). The runway this week is all about drag excellence. The queens have to bring a look that defines them and show off their best drag yet.

Starting off in the werk room, the top four reminiscent about where they all stand in tops and bottoms with both Rosé and Gottmik never lip-syncing, instead winning three and two challenges respectively. Symone has four wins and she’s lip-synced twice, while Kandy has only one win and has lip-synced three times.

Ru walks into the werk room with a fantastic suit. Honestly, I’m here for the look! He begins to tell the queens what the final challenge is.

The queens have to create their own original verse for the track while learning a dance from choreographer, Jamal Sims.

Podcast chatter

Taking some time out from their Lucky planning, the queens get the chance to sit with Ru and Michelle Visage on their podcast and enjoy the ever-present ancient tic tacs.

Gottmik was the first queen to sit down with them, and she talks about her transition and how she used her dead name to create her drag name. Ru and Michelle can’t stop laughing throughout the interview, and it was lovely to see them comment on how far she has come and that her freedom is infectious.

Rosé was on the podcast next, speaking of how blessed she is to have such supportive parents. We learn more about her theatrical background and how finding drag has helped her have a sense of freedom.

Kandy was up next, and much like Gottmik, she spoke about the inspiration of her name. They jokingly discuss that horrid outfit she wore on the runway last week. We learn the story of how she believed she had to be a badass b*tch to make it in the competition but, as she progressed in the show, she is more like a care bear.

Symone was the final queen to join Ru and Michelle, and she spoke about her time with the House of Avalon. We learn how she moved from Little Rock to Los Angeles and how tough and challenging that has been for Symone.

The Runway: Drag Excellence

Gottmik strutted that runway hunty and comes out in this amazing black and white polka dot dress that even Cruella de Ville would envy. She pulled her own twist by having her face painted in her clown white, but left circles of how her normal makeup looks, showing how she has progressed.

Kandy didn’t come out in any gown but wore something that screams her personality. She wore the most colourful outfit of a bodysuit, corset and a gorgeous red wig. While it may have looked like she put no effort in, she came out in something that represented Kandy Muse.

Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

Rosé came out channelling her Scottish heritage in a tartan gown with a red long flowy wig. It just screamed Rosé, and I think it was the perfect way to represent herself.

Symone, just wow. She walked down the runway with a purple gown with huge sleeves that screamed royalty. She matched the gown with blonde cornrows to represent her and those from her community who are so often left forgotten.

The critiques

This week was nothing but positive for our top four.

Gottmik received high praise. The panel loved how her dress blended with glamour and humour. They praised her for being able to bring it every single week and that she has delivered some of the best outfits in Drag Race herstory. Her creativity in the Lucky music video amazed them as well; they praised her for giving it her all and impressing them one more time.

I love Gottmik. I would say she’s my child but, she is literally the same age as me so, that makes her more my twin. I love how much she has grown this season; she wasn’t afraid to try anything, and she aced nearly every challenge. I think she has some good potential, and I would love to see her win the crown.

Kandy Muse also received high praise and was told this look was one of her strongest. With her performance in Lucky, you could really see her charisma shine through, and she was ready for anything.

I think Kandy came into this competition not wanting to take on any of the judge’s critiques, but she’s grown massively throughout the competition. She may have had her ups and downs, but she fought damn hard for her place in the finale, and it is well and truly deserved.

Rosé was praised over and over for her professionalism and for how she is consistently prepared for anything while on set. She can sing, dance, act, be funny and have a polished style, making her the total package.

I believe that Rosé has a very good chance of winning this season. I think she has grown so much throughout the competition, and it makes her a winning queen. She really has come out of her shell and has delivered us some of the best times.

The judges praised Symone with the highest of highest compliments. Carson even said he wanted to email Anna Wintour and get Symone on the cover of Vogue. They praised her for delivering the most iconic looks, and she absolutely wears every outfit; they don’t wear her. In her performance of Lucky, they praised her for her charisma and said that they are ready to buy whatever she is selling to them.

I love Symone, I think she has been a strong competitor throughout the entire season, and I am not shocked to see her in the final four. She deserves that spot so much, and I am glad she is standing up there proudly.

With all four making it through to the season's final episode, we have two whole weeks till the finale airs. Not fair, if you ask me! We've waited long enough, don't you think?

What do you think is going to happen at the reunion next week? Who do you think is going to win?

RuPaul's Drag Race continues Saturdays in the UK, exclusive to Netflix.

Words by Bethan Case for Female First