Picture Credit: VH1
Picture Credit: VH1

Kicking off this week’s episode, the fight from Untucked has brought a negative vibe to the workroom that caused the queens to fight it out again.

We can tell already that the season rivals are Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman.

They both got a fierce attitude that just does not work well when it is against each other but together? They could be powerful.

Kandy is forming the perfect villain edit by taking things to a higher level than is necessary.

This episode is called Disco-Mentary and for the Mini Challenge, RuPaul gets the queens to pair up together and whoever they paired up would be their partner for the Maxi Challenge.

The Maxi is disco choreography, and the queens must perform a live disco documentary that is narrated by Ru.

The runway look was Little Black Dress and my God, I fell in love with some.

The birth of disco

Starting off was Kandy, Gottmik and Tina Burner - the self-claimed Mean Girls - dancing to “the birth of disco”.

From the start of their performance, you can tell they are all a little out of sync but then again, their performance felt rushed, so it was hard to get a lasting impression.

Tina ended up being in the top three, which was not surprising as she was the only one who remembered their choreography and her outfit just worked well for her.

Gottmik was safe for performance, which I think was a good call as she didn’t stand out at all for me. Her little black dress look stood out from the pack however and I think if she stood out more, she would have been in the top.

Kandy, however? The lack of passion she had really showed, and it was so disappointing because her runway look was actually stunning. I feel like the judges went in harsh with Kandy this week.

Disco and Sex

Next group is Elliott and Tamisha, two people I did not think would be able to pull off ‘disco and sex'.

They both had fun on stage, but they completely missed the mark of raw sexual energy, it felt like I was watching two mums on a night out.

Elliott was in the top three for her technique and to be far she really hit with the choreography, but I just feel like she isn't top material.

Tamisha ended up in the bottom and the judges critique her on not showing all of her potentials. Which I think is true as we can see the fiery passion she has, but it's never brought onto the runway.

I do give Tamisha extra points for revealing that she is doing full-on drag with an ostomy bag! I understand her not wanting to bring it up to the judges, but I also feel like maybe she should have waited until Season 14 because I want to see her full potential.

I want to see real Tamisha!

Studio 54

The next group was Utica and Olivia Lux, two of my favourite queens this season performing the celebration of iconic Studio 54.

Olivia Lux? Just wow! She could stand on my pinky finger with her heels and I would thank her. Every week she just keeps on giving, her performance, outfit, hair was all on point this episode and I am glad that she won this challenge.

Utica, unlike her partner, was in the bottom this week. I have nothing bad to say about her performance, but judges really do hate the faces she pulls. Like, why can't the judges just tell her? It’s really annoying and she will not improve if they don’t tell her!

Disco Fashion

Rosé and Denali actually killed it this week with disco fashion, they have really good chemistry when it comes to the runway.

They both performed amazingly, and I understand why they both felt the frustration of being safe, especially Denali. She works hard every single time and she did not get a second look this week.

Both of their runway looks were stunning as well, and I thought really creative.

Disco Sucks

The last group was Symone and LaLa Ri with a ‘disco sucks’ movement.

The queens didn’t really stand out this week for me, which is a little disappointing because Symone already hit out the bag this season with two wins and LaLa Ri being in the bottom last week you would think she would try harder to be in the top.

Lip Sync

I was totally gagged to see Kandy and Tamisha sing it out to Hit Em Up Style (Oops!) by Blu Cantrell.

However, it felt somewhat produced that this would be the ending fight between the season rivals; it reminded me of Brita and Aidan Zhane lip sync.

Kandy fought hard in this lip sync, she did not want to go home and absolutely killed it while Tamisha displayed her talents and her skills of performing, but it just was not enough to save her.

It was hard saying goodbye to Tamisha, I may not be the biggest fan of her, but she had pure talent that was such a shame we didn’t get to see it.

How do you feel about that episode? Let us know!

Words by Bethan Case for Female First