Kevin (Michael Le Vell) is getting irritated by John’s (Graeme Hawley) increasing influence on Sally (Sally Whittaker) and Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) is becoming suspicious about how much time her boyfriend is spending at the Webster’s. When John asks Sally if she's like to go to the theatre with him to see a production of one of her set texts she's overjoyed about their 'date'. When he arrives at the house for their lesson, Sally has made an effort with her hair and is clearly trying to impress her tutor. She's distracted throughout the lesson and finally admits to having feelings for him. Will John become involved with mother and daughter? Sarah (Tina O'Brien) has arranged to have some wedding pictures taken outside the church, as they missed out on the actual day, and gives Jason (Ryan Thomas) her wedding dress to take to the dry cleaners. Much to David’s (Jack P Shepherd) delight, Jason accidentally leaves it in the café, and David wastes no time nabbing the dress dragging it through muddy puddles and throwing it over the Morton’s bag of cast offs for their Guy Fawkes. How will Sarah react when she discovers what’s happened? Will Gail stop feeling guilty and see her son for the scoundrel he really is?Jerry (Michael Starke) is doing all he can to make amends and agrees to carry out child care duties while Jodie goes out with Lloyd. How long can they play happy families?