Would you ever go into Celebrity Big Brother?

Stacey leads a Pogo Jump through London

Stacey leads a Pogo Jump through London

I love the show and I really enjoy watching it. I can never say never to anything but it does scare me. I'm not very good with confrontation, I'll probably be such a geek in there - I'm really boring. I'm not as fiery as some of the characters that end up going in there, so I don't think they'd want me or I'd be very good at it.

Do you still speak to anyone from the I'm A Celebrity jungle?

Yes! I end up seeing some people around which is really nice. Dom Joly and Shaun Ryder... but obviously not every day.

Can you tell us anymore about the album you're releasing this year?

I've just started working on it so there's not really much to tell. But I'm having a really good time and I've got so much to write about which is really nice, some good inspiration.

Do you still speak to Simon Cowell?

When he's around, yeah! He's always really lovely to me, really sweet, really kind but not on the phone or anything.

Britain's Got Talent is coming back again soon, who was your favourite ever act?

My favourite ever act? I loved Diversity; I thought they were really lovely boys and they're so talented but there's been loads of great acts that I loved.

What type of act would you like to see this year? Maybe something that hasn't been done before?

I love watching really talented musicians, like violinists or pianists; I'd love to see a musician win.

If you couldn't sing, what talent would you enter BGT with?

Maybe animal impressions! (laughs)

You've conquered The X Factor, the jungle and The Jump, which reality television show would you consider doing next?

I love watching Strictly [Come Dancing]. I love the costumes, everything about it appeals to me other than the fact I have no rhythm and two left feet; I'm a terrible dancer. I'd be so embarrassed if everyone saw me fall over myself every Saturday!

What were your thoughts on the last series of the X Factor? What do you predict for Louisa Johnson?

I thought it was a brilliant series, I love Louisa and she's from my home town, Essex! I think she'll go on to do really good things and she has an amazing voice.

What do you think you would be doing now if it wasn't for The X Factor?

I studied and got my A-levels in music and theatre. So I think I probably would have gone to university and maybe be teaching but I would've carried on auditioning for everything and anything that I could. I really love being a part of music and entertainment so I think I would've just worked as hard as I can to be successful in any way.

You still live in Essex, why?

I live in Essex because all my family live there and I grew up there. It reminds me of home and it detaches me from the world I have when I'm working.

Who's your favourite X Factor contestant of all time?

I love Olly (Murs), Jedward (John & Edward)... I love Leona Lewis! I definitely couldn't pick one. I love One Direction - I'm going to hold my hands up and say I'm a geek for them!

You've not been skiing since The Jump but are you planning to go in the future?

I'm definitely planning to go in the future! I'm itching to go skiing. I can't wait to get on the slopes!

What's your favourite social media channel?

I like them all in different ways. I love Facebook because you can have a proper conversation with people. I love Twitter because you can personally write to each individual person and I like Instagram because you can share your pictures and look at everyone else's. If I could only have one favourite it would probably be Instagram because you can talk to people and share your pictures. I'm not on Snapchat though, I'm very low-tech!

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