The X Factor is proving itself a show to be reckoned with, still going strong after a decade despite falling ratings and criticism. It proves it can still provide entertainment not just once, but twice each weekend and in last night's episode (September 3), we saw one of the most memorable moments in the entire series' history.

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

Ottavio and Bradley were starring as a duo and hoped to take the judges by storm with their rendition of Pussycat Dolls song 'Buttons'. Things didn't go exactly to plan however, as the two began arguing even before entering the judging room.

Complaining about the 'raw chicken' Bradley was serving up, Ottavio made the decision that the arguing was just too much and they'd have to go it alone. After failing to impress however, they had some stern words in the toilets and decided to put their differences aside for the good of their performing future.

Leaving us in stitches, there was also something else Ottavio and Bradley's confrontation made us do - think of all the memorable arguments that have spawned on X Factor throughout the years and buried themselves within our psyche.

Do you remember these famous spats?

1) Ablisa

Abby and Lisa, AKA Ablisa may go down in history as one of the funniest, car-crash moments in television history. They went onto the show to 'prove to people they could get the confidence to do things', but when the audience turned on them, one half of them told the crowd to 'shut UP!', causing the other half to storm off the stage. When it looked like the dust had settled, the pair returned, got on with singing Shayne Ward's 'That's My Goal', but then the half of the duo that told the audience to shut up asked guest judge Natalia Imbruglia who she was after receiving some criticism. That left the other half of the duo cold and resulting in a smack to the face - some major drama!

2) Ryan Ruckledge

When Ryan decided to spend his night at Boot Camp drinking rather than practicing, he left the other members of his Boot Camp group annoyed, and they weren't afraid to air their problems with him right in front of the judges before their performance. The result was a messy and shambolic group performance which left the judges with no option but to send Ryan home. Simon even called him a 'horror of a human being' following the show.

3) Cheryl versus Wagner

Cheryl got more than a little cross in 2010 when Wagner made some comments to the press during his time on the X Factor live shows about her being a 'girl who lived on a council estate and got lucky', and so she decided that one of the live shows would be the best place to bring up the matter and confront it head on. Choosing not to focus on his performance, Cheryl instead told Wagner to focus on his own luck rather than 'worrying about other people', whilst Wagner tried to defend himself and plead with Cheryl, 'Please don't believe what the press say!' Even Simon Cowell was left shocked…

4) Zoe Alexander takes on Pink

The Pink likeness for Zoe Alexander was apparent from the moment Zoe Alexander walked through the door, and when she revealed that she was a Pink tribute artist and that she was hoping to become 'Zoe Alexander' instead of 'Zoe Alexander as Pink', everybody was rooting for her. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to take the comments from judges Louis, Gary, Nicole and Tulisa, storming off the stage, attacking the crew and pushing cameras out of her way to get away from the show as quickly as possible. It was all really quite tragic.

5) Sharon drenches Louis

Of course the drama isn't just for the contestants, but for the judges too! Sharon and Louis got into a bit of a spat during the second season of The X Factor when Walsh decided to dish out some big criticism for Journey South. It wasn't that which tipped her over the legs though, but a comment from Louis about Sharon's husband, Ozzy Osbourne.

"Are you on Ozzy's drugs?" he asked his fellow judge, only to receive two glasses of water to the face for his comments.

Are you loving the current series of The X Factor? Check it out as it continues tonight (September 4) on ITV.

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