We can't get enough of MIC

We can't get enough of MIC

We're currently amidst the dramas of season 5, and we still can't get enough of Made In Chelsea.

Like every other episode, Monday's show didn't disappoint. But we're still questioning why we love it so much. Is it because we're secretly rooting for Lucy and Spencer? Or because we're all wondering if Mark Francis and Victoria are actually plotting to take over the world?

Either way, we love it. So here's some reasons why we can't keep our eyes off Chelsea.

It could be us...

Let's be honest, we've all imagined what it would be like to live in Chelsea. Peacefully walking your beloved minature dog down the cobbled street. Hopping into your chauffeur-driven car and being whisked away to your holiday home in the country. Or simply having the time and funds to just drop everything and have a skiing weekend away in 'Verbs'.

Watching MIC gives us the fuel our fantasies need. Our dreams would be a lot drier if it wasn't for our weekly fix, watching our imaginary friends go about their ordinary, albeit slightly dramatic, lives.

It could be us in that Bentley, it really could.

Dramatic life events by the Thames

Who doesn't love a good break-up by the Thames? The MIC cast sure do!

From the initial Caggie/Spencer drama way back in season 1, to the Louise/ Spencer break-up circa season 5, its clear where it all goes down.

And its not just Spencer related break-ups. Meeting your friend for a quick catch up? Go to the Thames. Want to proffess your love to someone who's already in a relationship? Meet by the Thames. Walking your corgie? Down by the Thames!

We need these dramatic events that happen by the Thames, and MIC is the perfect place to get our fix.

Generally observing the incestuous relationship of the cast

Who's dating who? It could be Louise and Jamie. Or maybe Jamie and Lucy. Or is it Lucy and Spencer? No, I think it's Spencer and Louise again.

It changes so much that we constantly need to watch just to keep up. Don't think about missing an episode because the whole dynamics of Chelsea dating could change, and you'll be out of the loop.

Pardy Time!

We love watching the cast have parties. Monday nights are boring, so flicking over to E4 and observing the cast enjoy four parties a week seems the perfect way to indulge ourselves.

The idea of the pardy was first introduced to us way back in season 2 when we first met the wonder that is Jamie Laing. Since then, it's transformed in to a word that MIC lovers worldwide can casually drop into conversation with their friends.

And it's not just the extravagance of the celebrations. The outfits that the girls wear are just outstanding, it's worth switching on the TV for those alone.

Best of Britian

All jokes aside, Made in Chelsea really does help to promote the best side of Britain, and it's not just to our friends across the pond.

The beautiful, sunny cut-away shots of Kensington and Chelsea, and the general production of the show itself all help to give an insight into what our country can be like.

As Cheska herself said on Alan Carr's chat show, "It showcases Britian at its most beautiful".

By Emma Cocker

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