As a new programme, Tool Club, is about to be shown on Channel 4 this weekend (Saturday 18th September 2021 at 4pm), and one of the DIY experts, Jessica Grizzle is encouraging more women to embrace 'Doing It Themselves' with jobs around the house. In an exclusive feature for Female First, here is why she believes women should embrace DIY…

Jessica Grizzle writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Jessica Grizzle writes an exclusive piece for Female First

DIY in the home has historically been seen as a man’s job or a man’s responsibility. However, as time goes by, our society is beginning to see changes and dare I say the occasional welcomed improvement.

Women doing DIY isn’t a new concept. It isn’t new because women have been mending, building, designing, and doing it for themselves for a very long time. I think the difference between now and previous generations, is that women are finally being recognised as able to do these things, and it is also becoming normalised.

Social and broadcast media has a huge part to play in this, as more and more women are seen accomplishing great successes for the world to see. There is definitely a long way to go, but I see so many women who are unashamedly doing DIY, sharing their projects and ultimately inspiring and encouraging other women to follow suit.

So, why should women embrace DIY? There are so many reasons why, but here’s a few.

Women are very much able to learn new skills and complete projects for their homes. whether it is woodworking, upholstery or even laying their own flooring. DIY is very much about learning a new skill through the right preparation and experience and is something everyone can do.

Jessica Grizzle on the Tool Bus for Tool Club on Channel 4
Jessica Grizzle on the Tool Bus for Tool Club on Channel 4

Another reason for taking on DIY projects is the ability to save money when budgeting for home projects. When there is a lot to complete in a home, sometimes it is important to be able to claw back at costs and allocate the funds for something else. This can be done by taking on some of the jobs yourself. Let’s face it, some jobs around the house are not big enough to hire someone for.

I have been in a position where I’ve tried to find a tradesperson to come round to fix a few small issues, and I have been turned down simply because it isn’t worth their time.

It’s in moments like this one where I’ve had to learn to do things myself. Personally, I have a husband who doesn’t like to do DIY, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Why can’t I take on those responsibilities myself and do what needs to be done.

I’ve always found it so exciting to take on a new project, especially when attempting something new, and muddling my way through until I get it right. That’s something great about DIY, learning and growing.

It’s not a quick fix, or something to be taken on unwittingly, but it should be explored, and yes by women.

For anyone not knowing where to start, my advice is always to start small. You may take on a massive build project without ever doing DIY and absolutely smash it, but you also might feel less pressure with a small, easy, and quick DIY to get a feel for it.

It is time for women to be able to purchase power tools in a hardware store without being made to feel ‘out of place’. Time for women to be acknowledged as DIYers, makers, builders, and menders in their own right. For women to be recognised for their efforts, and not in a ‘you did well for a woman’ kind of way. This time is now!

Jessica Grizzle is one of the DIY team in Tool Club, new to Channel 4, Saturday 18th September at 4pm.

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