When I found out that Alpro had released some more dessert pots- I just had to try them as I’m already a huge fan of their UHT desserts.

Alpro Dessert Moments

Alpro Dessert Moments

Dessert Moments come in three flavours- Vanilla and Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut and Coconut and I was lucky enough to try the first two.

We will start with the chocolate one first as everyone loves chocolate!

If you are in love with the Alpro Silky Smooth Chocolate Dessert (like me), it’s a given you will like this one as it’s very similar in taste. The only difference is that it boasts a hint of nuttiness and it also comes in a round pot (if we’re being very thorough). Chocolate and nuts are a winning combination but even more so if you don’t have to contend with chunky, crunchy bits that get in your teeth. This dessert has all the flavour but it’s perfectly smooth.

The only thing I can say about the Vanilla and Almond Dessert Moment is that it tastes exactly like custard. So, if you are missing custard because you are lactose intolerant or have gone vegan- this could be your go to replacement if you are craving that flavour. I had it with some apple pie and I couldn’t taste the difference- it was like eating the traditional British dessert combo. I imagine it would go really well with any warm vegan dessert, be it pie, pudding or cake.

If you always have sweet cravings at the end of a meal, you might be better reaching for one of these instead of your usual choice. They contain 30% less sugars than equivalent desserts and there is only 78 calories per 100g which I think we can agree is a pretty good number for a dessert. Especially one that tastes far more indulgent than the label states.  

I enjoyed both, but the chocolate one had the edge for me as I wouldn’t eat cold custard on its own and we don’t often buy pies, puddings and cakes for the house that we could pour it over.

It was good as an accompaniment but I preferred eating the chocolate one on its own. Plus, they are kept in the fridge, so each mouthful is basically like eating cool liquid chocolate. And now I’m sad because they are all gone! 

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