In September 2017 Adrian was taking part in an Ultra Marathon in the mountains in Romania. To his surprise and happiness, a stray dog decided to join him. The incredible journey that Adrian took with the little dog he named Ultra was quite unbelievable.

Adrian and Ultra

Adrian and Ultra

Adrian got lost at one point but Ultra came back to find him and help him get back on track. Adrian and Ultra came 3rd in the 105 KM run through the mountains and became best friends. Now Adrian has adopted Ultra, and she has inspired him to help many more stray dogs just like her. 

Apart from Ultra the dog he adopted he also cares for 30 street dogs. He’s vegan and has devoted his life to helping street dogs of iasi (600km from Craiova) Romania. 

Adrian ran the Virgin Money London Marathon yesterday (22nd April) for K-9 Angels, raising much needed funds to help many more dogs just like Ultra. Even more apt that Adrian found Ultra in Romania, where our shelter is based!

We caught up with him to find out more…

Why is the K9 Angels such an important charity to you?

Firstly, because they are involved in helping stray dogs, from other countries. And secondly because they gave me the opportunity to help them raise money to support the dogs that are alone, by running the most famous London Marathon.

As a vegan- what sort of things do you eat to support your training for marathons?

I try to eat as raw as possible, whole grains, dehydrated fruits, fresh salads...I am not into variety, because veganism is more an energetic and spiritual habit than a diet.

Please tell us about Ultra- how much did it help your morale to have him by your side?

Well Ultra showed me a really important side of myself- the caring one and that a competition is not about a place, or a battle between some men, but a way to know yourself, and find your true and sincere qualities.

What is next for you?

I hope to make the 2:30 finish in London, and then I will go to the mountains again and race there.

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