The benefits of water are endless. Crucial for nutrition, energy and vitality, humble H20 is the ultimate building block for a healthy lifestyle.

How can you make water even better?

How can you make water even better?

With the impending introduction of the sugar tax, the need to ditch unhealthy soft drinks in favour of a natural alternative has never been so pressing.

Although it may be important, the thought of drinking glass after glass of plain old water doesn't seem too appealing. Thankfully, Rooi's range of sports water bottles are the perfect way to make deliciously-infused recipes that promise to give an energising boost - each and every time.

Here's a few of our personal favourites.

1) Citrus infusions

Brimming with nutritional boosters and benefits - vitamin C-rich citrus fruits are the ideal ingredient for an enriching infused water.

Much more than just a natural sweetener, fruits rich in vitamin C contain super-antioxidants that work to keep your skin nourished and aid in the healing of wounds and blemishes. Not only that, it works to combat the effects of free radicals on the body - harmful molecules that help to develop diseases such as heart disease and arthritis.

Traditional options such as limes, lemons and oranges work perfectly. However, for a much more diverse flavour, try clementines, mandarins or grapefruit to give a zingy, zesty taste.

2) Fresh fruit water

Thanks to their emergence as a so-called 'superfood', it's no wonder we have seen an increase in berry sales over the past few years.

Traditionally found along Britain's picturesque footpaths, their natural sweetness and versatility make berries the ultimate fruit for perfectly balanced infused water. When incorporated into a healthy diet, the fibre found in berries can contribute to tackling weight loss - particularly raspberries.

Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries work perfectly together, whilst strawberries possess a unique ability to be partnered with a huge variety of ingredients. Delicious with both cucumber, mint or basil for a more complex flavour.

3) Herbal infusions

Herbs are filled with a wide variety of health benefits. Sage has been found to tackle Alzheimer's, whilst thyme and oregano are packed with powerful antioxidants.

Although the flavour of herbs has always leant towards savoury cooking, when twinned with certain fruits they deliver a beautifully intricate flavour. Extremely easy to source and grow, herbs are incredibly popular for maintaining healthy skin. Peppermint contains menthol, which helps to cool the skin and lemongrass naturally minimises oil secretion - combating skin irritation in the process.

Our personal favourite water bottle concoctions are bananas and parsley, thyme with pears and pomegranate and mint paired with watermelon.

4) Chilled teas

Green tea has long been famed for its ability to enhance sporting performance and weight loss.

Although more commonly perceived as a hot drink, when served chilled in our drinkware, its spicy, aromatic notes shine through.

Herbal tea remedies - especially those containing thyme - work to assist kidney function. By doing so, it helps to promote clearer skin, as any toxins are 'flushed out'.

The lively qualities of lemon and lime work brilliantly with green tea, whilst adding a touch of black tea to a plum and cherry-based infusion makes for a deliciously refreshing replacement for your standard mug of tea.

5) Superfood water

The superfood has been the definitive 'buzzword' of the food and drink industry for a few years now, and unsurprisingly - it has become a must-have ingredient for infused water recipes.

The beauty of superfoods, whatever the latest trend may be, is that they are filled to the brim with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - all promoting a healthy lifestyle. Pomegranate (bone strength), watermelon (healthy blood flow) and beetroot (combats skin problems) are some of the most popular choices - and ideal for infused water recipes.

This year's superfood of choice has been the naturally sweet and immune-boosting goji berry. When mixed with pomegranate or blueberries, it creates an exhilarating and fresh taste. Packed with vitamin C, A, iron and fibre - it is the perfect drink to satisfy your thirst.

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