You know you’re not opening just any box of chocolates when you receive a Paxton Chocolates silver tin in the post. Without sounding too Marks and Spencers- it’s obvious this is one posh box of chocolates when it arrives.   

Deliciously Dark Thins by Paxton Chocolates

Deliciously Dark Thins by Paxton Chocolates

If you’re anything like me and a bit of a magpie- this packaging appeals even before you’ve sniffed the cocoa. The brushed chrome effect tin is what every silver addict wants in a box.

The tin is about the size of a novel and has an oval window, so you can take a peek at what you’re about to enjoy once you crack it open.

Six chocolates peer out at you from the tray tempting you to open it. With a single white ribbon to keep it all together- it’s the most futuristic looking chocolate box I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The back told me that inside there were four flavours- apple and ginger, mango and paprika, raspberry and mint and strawberry and black pepper. I hadn’t tried any of these combinations before, so I was excited to find out just how they worked on a base of dark chocolate.

The chocolates contain very few ingredients- which is always a good sign. I tend to stay away from chocolate that has a long list of ingredients on the back, especially those that I can’t pronounce or have any idea what they are or do. Paxton Chocolates keep things simple with the finest of handmade ingredients.

Each disk is angled so you can see the one behind it. The chocolate is essentially a large, dark and thin chocolate button so those vegans who are missing Cadbury’s need worry no longer- these fit the bill!

I’m not a huge fan of ginger so this was the flavour I was least looking forward too, but actually, the apple and ginger, was very pleasant on the palate. Imagine the flavours of an apple crumble or pie on top of a chocolate. The topping on this one was only a very slight dusting so the flavours are subtle and therefore enjoyable for people who aren’t a huge fan of the spice.  

The mango and paprika chocolate boasted a generous piece of mango on top that was slightly chewy against the crack of chocolate. The heat from the paprika hits you after you’ve enjoyed the sweet, stickyness of the mango so the textures were just as appealing as the taste with this flavour.

The raspberry and mint was probably my favourite as the sharp, tangy raspberries always work well against the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate and the mint offered a fresh, summery undertone to the whole experience.

The strawberry and black pepper- was very attractive as the bright and tiny strawberry pieces were a delightful contrast against the dark and smoothness of the chocolate. Again, the heat and the sweet were a match made in heaven.

Overall- the savoury and sweet combination worked well within all of the chocolate thins and something I would eat again.

Although the large box might be a little on the pricey side- at £25- the box could be reused afterwards for putting your knickknacks in.  There is a choice of a medium and small box too depending on your budget.

This would make the perfect gift for your vegan friend, partner or family member who has perhaps tasted all the mainstream dairy free chocolate alternatives. If you’re looking for something a little more special- this ticks all the boxes.  

Plus, they are gluten free so it will appeal to anyone you buy for who is coeliac too. The silver box ties right in with the colours of Christmas to gift to your special someone.  

Thanks to Paxton Chocolates for the sample.

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