Michelle McGoff T2 tea's Global Product Manager gives her advice for making the most out of tea as part of a vegan lifestyle.

What can it do for your body?

What can it do for your body?


Obviously it is always important to get as much water as possible no matter your diet. Tea can be a great way to make a dent in this daily goal - however beware of too much caffeine or teas with bad things in them - it's all about moderation.

'We recommend Green teas for their health benefits - but all teas have antioxidants (polyphenols) and the benefits associated with that which not many people know. It is best to drink teas without milk to access all these benefits where possible.' 

Get the Best Quality

It is always best to make sure that the teas you drink are the best they can be. You want your teas to add something to your diet if possible; especially if you drink multiple cups a day. Where possible buy organic or high quality tea to get the best flavor and most nutrients.

'Go organic where possible for an overall sense of health- our organic Matcha will help your energy levels as well as having other general benefits to the body and your mood. Also all our teas meet EU compliant standards, so if you can't find an organic tea you can rest assured they all meet our incredibly high standards. All of our employees in our stores are trained extensively to know about our teas so you can know that you're buying exactly the right brew for you.' 

Keep it simple and natural

If you're vegan it's very easy to rely on over processed 'substitutes' that can not be very healthy for the body. Things to avoid especially in your drinks are sugar and added chemicals which can be present in higher levels than you think.

'Keeping it simple with tisanes and matcha would be what we suggest as you'll be putting things into your body that are healthier and natural - just note that Matcha, like most teas, does contain caffeine, but tisanes of course generally don't. Remember to always check the label and drink in moderation.'

Treat yourself

Need a treat? Everyone does and getting it from your tea could actually be healthier.

'Vegan chocolates with added sugar and flavourings can be swapped for Tisanes like Cocoa Loco which is simply pure Cocoa Husks but yet still has a rich chocolatey taste. Insider Tip: Mix in Liquorice Legs in a 4:1 (cocoa loco : liquorice legs) ratio as liquorice root is 40 times sweeter than sugar and gives you a great guilt-free treat.'

'It's so nice to treat yourself from time to time and we all need to. A lot of our indulgent teas such as Crème Brulee, Baxter's Buns* (Hot Cross Bun tea. *contains gluten) and Chocolate teas do not contain any milk/egg and are perfect for keeping your sweet tooth at bay - without the calories! Enjoy as part of a healthy diet or as a treat.'

Give your body what it needs

It goes without saying that being on a Vegan diet your body will need support with all the right nutrients. Vitamin B12, Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D are ones to look out for in particular. 

"A simple way to get B12 in your diet would be to use soy milk in your teas or to make a Matcha latte. This is a simple addition to your day will help get you a step closer towards your daily goal easily. Also another tip - you might not know that rooibos actually contains small amounts of Iron and might be good to include in a vegan diet."

Live a happy Lifestyle

Always important for all lifestyles and diets, taking the time to destress and enjoy moments during the day can make the difference in your physical and mental self.

"Enjoying a nice cup of tea with friends can boost happiness and reduce stress. It's so simple yet effective."


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