We thought we would take a look at why so many brides and grooms to be are opting for a cake made from cheese rather than- well… cake. 

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

  1. Cheese is massively popular! In our experience people are far more excited by cheese than fruit cake.
  2. It'll be much cheaper. Much.
  3. You'll probably be having a cheese course anyway: the cheese cake format is an exciting way of presenting it. If couples wanted to create a bespoke cheese cake they can - The Cheese Shed, a little-known online cheese shop, has an innovative 'Cakebuilder' app - the UK's only onscreen cheese cake creation tool!
  4. The cheese wedding cake also provides a suitable late night snacking opportunity.
  5. Decorating a cheese cake is easy and a fun way to bring a bit of personalised creativity into your event.
  6. Or: ask your florist to decorate the cake so that it ties in to your floral scheme.
  7. No waste! Cheese keeps very well if wrapped and kept cool, so if any's left over it can be saved for another day.
  8. Get real artisan cheese and you'll know your cake is made from a superb high-quality product.
  9. Cheese is made all over the country: choose the ones that remind you of home!
  10. It's cheese. Come on!

By Ian Wellens, MD of The Cheese Shed and cheese ambassador for Westcountry produce:

- www.thecheeseshed.com

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