They are cheaper- Cupcakes are cheaper than wedding cake if you go simple- if you use fancy cake stands, extravagant toppings and unusual cake cases, the money starts to mount- but if you keep it low key, you will save a bunch on your bill.

The could look like this!

The could look like this!

Someone can make them for you- Wedding cakes are a big task and something best left to the professionals, but cupcakes are relatively easy to make by comparison. If you have a baker in the family, they might be kind enough to make them for you or combine with someone else and make them together.

You can personalise them- Order some cake toppers online with your names and wedding date on them and you have your very own personalised cupcake.

There's no arguing over portion control- If you have some big eaters among your guests- it stops them from taking huge chunks of your wedding cake. They have a designated portion to stop them from eating more than their share, leaving enough for the night time guests.

They go against tradition- If you are trying your best to avoid all the clichés and traditions of weddings gone by- this will give your big day a modern twist.

They are nostalgic- Most of your guests will have enjoyed a cupcake or two when they were little, there's something fun about unwrapping your cake gift- and that feeling doesn't wear off as you get older.

You can mix and match flavours- If you're having a two tiered wedding cake you might be restricted to spice and sponge say, however, with cupcakes you can venture into all sorts of flavours to keep everyone happy.

They create less mess- Cutting a cake can be a tricky business- it crumbles and the icing and marzipan falls off as you dish it out for your guests. A cupcake is a much neater affair and the only leftovers are the cases which can be easily disposed of.

There's more flexibility with layout- A wedding cake traditionally is tiered- cupcakes can be tiered, stacked, spread out, put into little boxes- the possibilities are endless with your cake display all you need is a bit of imagination!

You can match them to your colour scheme- If you have multiple colours in your wedding day palate- your cupcakes can tie in with each of them with matching icing and cases, whereas a wedding cake might restrict you to one or two.

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