Easter is the least popular time of year to propose with only 4.7% of men choosing this month to pop the question- so our couple Moneil and Geoff went against the grain with their Easter themed wedding proposal this year.

Moneil and Geoff

Moneil and Geoff

Moneil (27) has been dating Geoff (25) for three years and he decided that it was time to ask those inevitable four words.

They met at Easter so this time of year is truly special for them both- hence the perfect theme for a proposal.

With the aid of the proposal planners at The One Romance, (www.theoneromance.com) they arranged an Easter egg hunt with Moneil, with a bit of a twist at the end.

He told Geoff that they were going to a charity Easter egg hunt on a private roof garden in Kensington and that Geoff had to find the clues. But the clues were not generic- they told a story of their relationship since they first met.

The final clue as a bauble that read 'Marry Me Geoff' on it and of course he said yes!

Congratulations Moneil and Geoff!

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