While kitchenware is always nice to have, it's time to give modern couples gifts they actually want -- and need.

Not all couples need kitchenware

Not all couples need kitchenware

Thanks to the current economic climate, today's young lovers struggle to save money for big investments like homes, weddings and even honeymoons. And given that up to 80% of us start living together before tying the knot, many couples don't need traditional gifts like homeware that previous generations sought after.

So forget toasters and kettles, here's 5 alternative gift ideas that will actually help out modern newlyweds:

A contribution to the honeymoon

It's a huge expense and supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. Guests can help make your first trip together magical by chipping in using shared money collection platforms like Leetchi.com. All you need to do is set up a wedding money pot, and guests can send as much or little as they like.

Spending your first nights together in an exotic location is really the best gift anyone can give.

An unforgettable experience together

With platforms like Red Letter Days, you can register things like a dinner out, a night in a hotel, or exciting activities such as hot air balloon rides and watersports. Friends and family know they're giving you a meaningful experience rather than something that'll go unused in a kitchen cupboard.

A helping hand to secure your first home

Thanks to student debts and increased house prices, it's often said that buying property is out of the question for the so-called Generation Rent. Nevertheless, 93% of 18-34 year olds dream of getting on the property ladder, so a bit of help making a dent in the down payment could go a long way.

Through platforms like Down Payment Dreams family and friends can make contributions that go towards your future.

A meaningful token

If you're designing your wedding on a shoestring, you could keep it simple for everyone and stick to something you're passionate about.

Maybe you and your to be spouse are both music geeks looking to expand your record collection. Why not ask your guests to give you their favourite album as a meaningful token of their love and friendship?

The same logic can be applied to any of your shared hobbies: books, films… even wine!

Give something back

While all these things are nice, really the greatest gift of all is spending your special day with the people you love. You could simply ask guests that are feeling generous to donate to your charity of choice.

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