She needs some nasal spray!

She needs some nasal spray!

Autumn weddings are all the rage right now, but with the end of the year also comes the dreaded cold and flu season. If you are one of those unlucky brides who is the sickly sort happens to get sick over their wedding weekend- Spink Health have some top tips to help get you through.

After all no-one wants to cough and sneeze their way through their vows or give their guests the gift of illness in return for their well wishes.


As the big day approaches, use a cold and flu prevention product- like NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK® (£11.99, Boots) which are invisible and odourless. It can be worn under make up and catch and block airborne viruses from entering your nasal passages, preventing illness.

Something new

Always use disposable tissues, and not a fabric handkerchief which can harbour germs as the eyes are a magnet for germs. They may not look as vintage but your health is more important than style right now!

Go Gatsby

Cold viruses can lie on the hands for up to an hour so shaking hands with guests is an ideal way for them to transfer. Invest in some stylist and matching gloves for that 1920’s Gatsby look, which can be removed at the evening party once everyone has exchanged handshakes and congratulations.

Beauty sleep

Pre-wedding nerves can be cause for a sleepless night before the big day, however sleep is key to giving your body the rest and rejuvenation it needs. Make sure that your pre-wedding plans don’t drag far into the eve before your wedding day.

Warm and cosy

If you are having photographs outside, or getting married in a draffy church, then invest in a wrap or jacket to take with you outside or into the ceremony- if you get one to match your dress people won’t question it.

What can I get you?

Make sure that for every alcoholic drink you have you are also drinking water too. Fluid keeps the body hydrated so it’s functioning as best it can. Alcohol can also affect your sleep and your mood, so try to avoid it the ngiht before so you are glowing on the inside and out on your wedding day!


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