On a sweet cart- If you want to keep your guests happy- there's nothing more satisfying than access to their very own free sweet shop. You can invest in a whole range of lollipops to satisfy every palate and present them in big glass jars for everyone to see.

Cake pops!

Cake pops!

As a wedding favour- Why not get your pops personalised and give them as a gift for your guests during the wedding breakfast?

Cake pops- You can be a little more creative with the lollipop theme and go for cake pops instead. These can be served with your wedding cake, for dessert at your evening buffet or even as favour too.

Decorations- If your budget doesn't stretch to extravagant floral decorations and centrepieces- why not have flower shaped lollipops in the middle of your tables for guests to enjoy before and after the meal.

As part of your colour theme- Whatever part of the day you choose to include them in- you can make sure that they match your wedding colours perfectly and tie in with everything else.

As part of a theme- If you are going with a particular theme- you can get lollipops in all shapes and sizes- hearts, cakes and flowers are the traditional choice but you could go with something that represents you more as a couple- like animals if you have a soft spot for cats, dogs or rabbits for instance.

Get your picture printed on them- Why not get a picture from your engagement shoot or just one of your favourites while you've been together and ask for it to be printed on the front?

Personalised gifts- If you want to make the sweets you give to your wedding party that little bit more special- you could have their name piped onto theirs to set them apart from the rest.

Name places- Or you could do it for all of your guests and use them to show them where they're sitting on their number table.

Lollipop tree- If a sweet cart is not within your budget- why not go for a lollipop tree instead? You can use them to decorate like bouquets during the day and let your guests help themselves during the night.

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