Today is National Nutty Fudge Day so we thought we would take a look at all the reasons why fudge makes such a great wedding favour for your guests. 

It makes a great centrepiece

It makes a great centrepiece

It's made from butter, sugar and milk- All of your biggest sins in one bite- could you really ask for a better combination than this in a confectionary item?

It's small- Just the right size for a favour; it nestles neatly in a small box or bag for a little treat but not enough to spoil the main meal.

It comes in many flavours- You can keep all your guests happy by giving them a selection or they can swap with another guest if they prefer something different.

You can buy it on its own- Rather than having to buy the sweets and the box the supplier provides you can just order the fudge and put it in your own box to match your colour theme.

Sculptures- If you would rather have a collective favour in the middle of the table you can have a sculpture that will incorporate many different flavours of fudge so your guests can pick and choose.

You can order them in different shapes- if you want to deviate from the square you can have them cut into hearts instead so they're more wedding appropriate.

It's nostalgic- Fudge reminds you of holidays, birthdays and Christmases therefore it's going to bring back happy memories for your guests.

It's neat- Some wedding favours, such as chocolates can break apart and look untidy in their packaging- fudge is cleanly cut and keeps its shape.

It comes in lots of colours- You can get a colour to match your wedding theme if you like so you can co-ordinate down to the very last detail!

You can personalise it- Although it may not be big enough to put your full names on, you can still stamp your initials on each piece to match the outside décor.

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