You can have them as an appetiser- A small piece of fish, a dollop of mushy peas and a chip in a little pile can make for an informal canape while you and your new spouse are getting your wedding pictures taken. It will keep the hunger at bay until the wedding breakfast.

Who doesn't love chips?

Who doesn't love chips?

You can get them wrapped in personalised paper- You could get a few of your own front pages printed with images of you and your partner and some of your best stories. Something different that will entertain your guests while they are eating.

They perfect for a seaside wedding- If you are getting married by the sea- it makes perfect sense to have this as your main meal.

They are nostalgic- Fish and chips are reminiscent of holidays- it's going to put your wedding guests in a good mood because of all the memories this meal conjures up.

They're easy- No faffing with different meals for everyone- you can give all your guests the same and the only variances to your menu will be those who have intolerances and vegetarians, reducing the amount of hassle for your wedding breakfast food.

They can be refined- Your local chippy might not put a lot of effort into aesthetics but put in the hands of a wedding venue and they will be able make this classicly messy dish into a culinary masterpiece.

You can hire a chippy van for your evening guests- Rather than the traditional buffet- why not hire a van if you're having an outside wedding? It's less hassle for the hotel and a novelty for your guests.

Everyone loves chips- I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like chips- so you can guarantee that the majority of your guests will be happy with your choice of food.

You can link them in with your favours- Chocolate shaped fish and chips will go perfectly with your wedding breakfast if you're running with a seaside theme and who doesn't love chocolate after chips?!

It can reflect where you met- If you met at the seaside or you bumped into each other in a fish and chip shop and romance blossomed from there- it's a no brainer!

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