There is so much to organise when planning the big day : the venue, the dress, the cars, the flowers etc., so it's little wonder that many brides forget something that will last in their memories forever - the perfume they wear when they say 'I do'.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Fragrance is one of the most emotive properties we know - the merest sniff of a familiar scent transports us back to when we first encountered it and the memories surrounding it. Often brides will just use their favourite fragrance on the day and whilst this is perfectly acceptable you will already have memories associated to this fragrance. If you want to create an olfactive memory of your special day then it is worth spending some time in selecting the perfect wedding fragrance that will always remind you of your special day above all else.

So where to begin?

Fragrances fall into four main categories and people often find their favourites may all fall within the same category or have similar notes.

Oriental fragrances tend to be heavier, seductive scents more suited to night time.

Fresh (sometimes called citrus or ozonic) are light uplifting fragrances perfect for day to day wear.

Woody (sometimes called chypre) are more masculine and, like Orientals, are perfect for the evening.

But without doubt the category that best suits a wedding day is a floral romantic. Fragrances in this category will have a strong floral theme (usually rose inspired) and this is fine if you love floral but most people prefer a balance.

The best option then is to look for a fragrance that combines these floral notes with other notes of fruit (citrus adds energy and soft fruits some sweetness) and woody resinous notes (these add depth and help the fragrance last longer on the skin)

One of the best recently launched fragrances to tick all these boxes is Monsoon's Rose Gold. Soft rose is the dominant note supported by other florals such as jasmine and orange blossom. Lemon and mandarin add freshness whilst peach and cassis give warmth. Amber, patchouli and vanilla ensure the fragrance has depth. It is available as an Eau de Parfum (so will last around 6 hours on the skin) and starting at only £24.00 it won't break the budget!

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