Laithwaite's Wine has found that Prosecco has overtaken champagne in popularity on many a wedding day, mainly due to its reduced cost and ease on the palate.

Can you order magnums?

Can you order magnums?

If you are still in the throes of getting the catering ready for your wedding, Laithwaite's buying team offers the Top 5 expert tips on ordering wine for your post ceremony meal:

Always order more than you need. No one wants to run out of the bubbly stuff on a wedding day. If you over order a wine merchant will let you send back what you don't use.

Don't order what you like for everyone. A bottle for you and your partner is a good idea but make sure you have something that will suit the majority too.

Check on the corkage small print in the hotel paperwork. If it doesn't specify on bottle size perhaps you could use magnums?

Prosecco and English sparkling wine are far better value for money than champagne and in vogue with younger guests.

Screw caps are a better choice for the catering staff. They speed up the pouring process, so why not opt for this instead? After all who wants to wait for a glass of celebratory drink?

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