Over the past six years we’ve catered for some amazing weddings, playing a part in well over 100 couple’s wedding days. In that time we’ve seen everything from the weird and wonderful, to the lavish and extravagant!

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

The Surprise Wedding

A lovely couple invited 45 of their friends to an old townhouse in Shoreditch under the pretence they were coming to the launch night of one of my popups. Once the guests had arrived, a vicar appeared and an impromptu wedding commenced! We even had to convert a bedroom into a kitchen!

The Otter Wedding

A bride last year requested that we had a member of our staff dress up in an otter costume, as it had always been her dream to have an otter at her wedding. Every member of staff refused, so I was left with no choice but to don the costume myself… it didn’t help that it was one of the hottest days of the year!

The St Tropez Wedding

One of our most lavish weddings, we catered a wedding in a chateau in St Tropez last summer; Beautiful Riviera sunshine, unlimited oysters and champagne bar, and a penguin as the ring bearer….yes, you heard right!

The Gay Wedding

We were fortunate enough to cater Britain’s first legal gay wedding on the 29th March 2014. It was a fantastic event in an old converted church, with entertainment galore, and ‘his and his’ cocktails on offer all evening!

The Croque en Bouche Wedding

The couple insisted on having a traditional French cake:  Croque en Bouche - an elaborate profiterole tower, held together with many types of technical spun sugar and caramel. But when the time came to collect the cake, the hot afternoon had melted it into a mound rather than a tower. It took a stressful hour to reassemble!

The Donut Wedding

We did a transatlantic wedding; the bride was from New York and obsessed with donuts! We created a donut wall, with an artist painting on the donuts all night, and a donut bar- for guests to pick their own donut fillings, frostings and sprinkles!

The ‘Long Lunch’ Wedding

For the owner of an iconic jazz club, at a garden on the river in Twickenham, the setting was one long table for 110 people with a 2.5 hour-long lunch of small plates, tapas and paella. There was everything from charcuterie to octopus and lamb cutlets…my kind of dining!

The Landlord Wedding

For a successful pub landlord & famous pie range owner, we sourced everything on the menu within London - from the salmon to the pie and mash. The bride and groom both chose their favourite pie flavours and we created ‘his and hers’ pies. We also created a secret craft beer bar, with tastings on different craft beers all evening!

The Reveal

At a recent wedding in Henley, the lights came on at 11:30pm and people began to leave, but then the lights went out and sirens began to alarm as one of the marquee walls collapsed to reveal a secret dance floor and DJ for the evening! The party went on until 4am!

The Gardeners

This couple met on an allotment, so we created an edible veg patch with savoury mousses, walnut soil, and pickled baby vegetables for guests to dig out with a trowel. For dessert, we had Oreo cheesecakes with chocolate soil and meringue mushrooms in a chocolate plant pot, with salted caramel served from a watering can!

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