One in two British women suffer from the Sunday night blues and have a sense of dread at the thought of going back to work on a Monday morning according to a new study by AAT.

Is work getting too much for you to handle?

Is work getting too much for you to handle?

A third of women feel undervalued and unappreciated for the work they do and nearly half take their lunch break alone just to get away from other staff members. 75% count down the hours until they get to go home. And the reason for this? These women are bored, unchallenged and have no hope of a promotion.

45% feel so down at work that they have considered setting up their own business as a means of exscape, when the offer of another job is just not coming their way. However many feel they lack confidence to take such a leap, are not financially savvy enough and believe there are many barriers to stopping them from becoming an entrepreneur. Nearly half would consider trying it out if they had a sudden cash injection to allow them to do so.

Of all the jobs to do- a professional writer is the most desirable, closely followed by owning a bar or restaurant or becoming an interior designer.

89% of women think that having their own business would give them a better work/ life balance and becoming their own boss would give them the flexibility to follow their dreams.

Mark Farrar, Chief Executive of AAT said: " The idea of working for yourself can be daunting, however there are steps you can take to give yourself the confidence to make the leap. Solid financial skills are essential and it's a great idea to get the right training before setting up your own business.

Working for yourself can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. Many AAT students go on to successfully work for themselves across a diverse range of sectors from the arts, design and technology, to running their own business from home. Self-employment is an extremely attractive option once you have the right tools, giving individuals greater freedom and satisfaction in their working life and the potential to increase their earnings."

If any of the below sound familiar- it might be time to re-think what you want to do with your life.

23 signs you hate your job (and should consider working for yourself)

You get anxious about work on a Sunday night

You have lunch on your own to get away from colleagues

You work the minimum number of hours required

You are constantly looking at the clock

You often moan about your job to friends and family

You take extended toilet breaks

You dread going into work in the morning

You feel you don't fit in within the office

You find any excuse to get out of the office

You have perfected the 'looking busy' look

You despise your boss

You constantly find excuses not to go to work social events

You're happy to run errands for your colleagues

You spending several work hours on social media

You put the least amount of effort into everything you do

Your work performance is suffering- and you don't care

You come home and cry about the stress of your job

You no longer worry about looking smart

You're often late

You look forward to doctors or dentists appointments

You seem to always argue with your boss

You cut corners at every possibility

You do the bare minimum overtime so you don't get fired

Most desirable industries to be self-employed in

Professional writer (author, novelist, travel writer, film critic)

Hospitality (restaurant owner/bar café owner)

Art and design (artist, photographer, graphic designer, interior designer)

Outdoors (Gardening, tour guide, dog walker)

Sports and physical fitness (personal trainer, dance teacher)

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