Mother Breastfeeding

Mother Breastfeeding

Myleene Klass went on record as saying she encourages her friends and family to sample breast milk.

The 35-year-old also revealed that her father used to drink it in his tea and that she has also had a drop or two.

This sounds a bit odd but many mums and their partners have tasted breast milk as adults.

It was most likely just curiousity but does human breast milk taste really special, and would it have a positive effect on an adults IQ ?

Well human breast milk isn’t made from the same ingredients as cow’s milk, for a start it contains different types of sugars,the reason it tastes sweet. It is often likened to the taste of Yakult, this is because it is a culture of many different beneficial bacteria that off the oligosaccharide sugars in breast milk, which help a young baby fight off infection. Breast milk contains antibodies and even white blood cells making breast milk a living thing alive with immune cells to boost babies defences.

The concept of sharing breast milk with other babies is also not new, in Victorian times posh households employed so called wet nurses to feed their babies as often they deemed it to 'common' to indulge in such disgusting acts.

The question is would it do any harm to share it with adults in the family and the answer is most probably not but it does conjure up somewhat fetish conatations.

Really if a woman has a surplus of breast why not offer it to sick or premature babies through the UK Association for Milk Banking details can be found at More helpful and less odd sounding

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