A trio of elderly bowlers re-did Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' music video in a bid to save their bowling green.

Trio of elderly bowlers re-do Beyonce music video

Trio of elderly bowlers re-do Beyonce music video

Terry Foster, Wyn Hewitt and Janine Halls have signed a petition to save Chadstone Bowls Club in Victoria, Australia, which has been a club since 1958 and has over 600 members from being turned into a multi-sports complex.

They had to learn the choreography and changed the lyrics to the pop song, which they retitled 'All The Bowling Ladies'.

Their petition reads: ''We are not against netballers/basketballers or a stadium, we are just saying this is has been our sporting home for 60 years and we matter too!'' the group say on their petition.

''We love our club, we've had enough, we're doing our bowling thing,'' they sing, bowls aloft. ''This is our life, now we're in strife, you can't be evicting me.''

However, learning the R&B superstar's intense dance routine wasn't as easy as a game of bowls.

According to the I newspaper, Janine said: ''We didn't know how difficult the choreography would be. I thought I'd done my shoulder at one stage.''

Within 48 hours of the video being uploaded to YouTube it had over 500,000 views.