Barbra Streisand "loves" British "pasties", "roast beef" and "Yorkshire Puddings".

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

The 76-year-old singer has always been baffled by criticism of traditional English cuisine and admitted that when she was directing 'Yentl' in the UK in 1983, she made sure filming stopped for a cup of tea and both sweet and savoury snacks

every afternoon.

Speaking on BBC Radio Two's 'Zoe Ball Breakfast Show' on Monday (01.04.19), she said: "I love London... I never understood why many years ago people said the food in London was not great, and I came and I thought my Yorkshire Pudding, my roast beef, everything that they made, my pasties...

"When I was making 'Yentl' in England, 4 o'clock every day we stopped for tea and scones and pasties. I mean, if I love it, I have to share it with my cast and crew!

"Every day we'd have tea - I think it's the right thing to do, to stop for tea. And scones of course, with clotted cream!"

The Oscar-winning actress also insisted that she puts the cream on last when she prepares her scones, but prefers to use "mashed strawberries" instead of jam because she prefers their "freshness" and finds preserves too sweet.

She added: "Well I hate to tell you this but I don't use the jam. I use mashed strawberries. Because I love the freshness.

"I think jams are too sweet sometimes so I use fresh strawberries mashed up and then I put that on the scone, and then I put the clotted cream on.

"Actually sometimes I reverse it so you know I cannot tell a lie - sometimes I do the cream first and then the strawberries. But most of the time the strawberries first and then the clotted cream."

Barbra also admitted that her assistant of 45 years regularly makes the British culinary classic shepherd's pie.

She continued: "I have my assistant who's been with me 45 years and she makes the erm... what do you call the thing we eat all the time? What's it called? With the mashed potatoes on the top... shepherd's pie!"