Gwen Stefani loves gardening.

Gwen Stefani loves gardening

Gwen Stefani loves gardening

The 53-year-old pop star tied the knot with country singer Blake Shelton 47, in 2021 and now splits her time between her native California and their Ten Point Ranch in Oklahoma and has found gardening to be an "amazing" pastime where she wants "to win" all the time

Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine', she said: "I do it with my fingernails, dig the dirt! You know what, just Oklahoma in general - I didn't know I needed that. I didn't know anything about nature really I grew up at the beach, well, not at the beach but Disneyland in Anaheim, that's where I grew up.

"So for me, I just didn't have that experience so to go and just be in nature and to just garden. Gardening for me is just this super amazing middle ground for me and Blake where we come together and it's such a...'I'm gonna win!, I'm gonna make flowers and be rich and have all these peonies!' It's so incredible. And we're doing it at such a large level with tractors and millions of seeds and so it's really fun."

Meanwhile, the 'True Babe' hitmaker - who has travelled to the UK for performances at Warwick Castle and will support fellow superstar Pink at BST Hyde Park - is mother to Kingston, 17, Zuma, 14, and nine-year-old Apollo with former husband Gavin Rossdale and even though she is a global pop singer, explained that she has always been "just mom" to them.

Asked if they think she is the "coolest mom", she replied: "Yeah they do actually. No, I'm just joking! Absolutely not! They're just like 'Oh, that's my mom' I think that they love me. I love them. They're here in London actually.

"They're having so much fun and they're like 'Wow, we're in London!' It's been so long since we've all been here with the pandemic and everything going on, it feels like time has just fast-forwarded."