Gemma Collins "gets taken for a ride" by men.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star, 34, is known for falling in love and getting her heart broken quickly and her mother Joan believes it's the blonde beauty's kind nature that gets her into trouble because she's willing to splash the cash on her lovers.

She explained to new! magazine: "She goes for more down-and-outs and feels like she can help them. She's passionate about that. She looks at someone and feels sorry for them if something's happened in their life. It pulls on her heartstrings. She's a softie, so she mothers them ...

"She needs to be patient and not feel sorry for these people ... she spends fortunes on them and gets taken for a ride."

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star - who split from her "abusive" ex-boyfriend Alex Moss in 2014 after he allegedly beat her up - is now dating Stephen Mortimer, who has drug and violent offences under his belt, and her mother wishes she'd find a nice, caring, gentleman to settle down with.

Joan said: "Why would you be attracted to a bad boy or a gangster? I don't understand it.

"Gemma loves a character, that's what it is more than anything. And she's got to be entertained. The weirder the person, the most she likes them. They always have a story."