Gwyneth Paltrow thinks she's having the "best sex" because she's a "newlywed".

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Goop founder married producer Brad Falchuk in September 2018 but she admitted the novelty of being together still hasn't worn off and things are particularly exciting in the bedroom.

Appearing on 'Red Table Talk', host Jada Pinkett Smith said: "So we read that you're having some of the best sex these days, which yay! And you're 49."

Gwyneth replied: "Yes, but I'm a newlywed, so it's like I'm cheating maybe a little bit. You know?"

Asked how long they have been married, she added: "Only three. We just had our three-year anniversary."

The 'Iron Man' actress - who has children Apple, 17, and Moses, 15, with first husband Chris Martin - also opened up on the sex advice she gave her two children, as she said she encourages them to “really listen to themselves”.

She said: “I will always just encourage my children to really listen to themselves, listen to their instincts, listen to if something, you know, feels right and to act from that place.

“I try always to be neutral on the topic. I think my generation, we got a lot of messages around sex that made us feel bad about it. I try to just be curious. And teenagers are never going to want to talk to their parents about sex ever, so I sort of follow their lead.”

The blonde beauty recently admitted she feels lucky to have such great "chemistry" with Brad and claimed they were "still in the honeymoon phase"of their relationship.

She said: "I am really lucky I married Brad. There is just something about us together.

"We've been able to build on all the stuff we've gone through in life and create something really amazing. And I'm grateful for our chemistry. That can get you through some tough spots!"