Jamelia walked through snow to get to hospital after going into labour with her "miracle baby".



The 37-year-old singer and presenter has opened up about her dramatic pregnancy to ITV's Lorraine, telling how her waters broke at just 23 weeks and she was ordered to stay in bed.

Jamelia explained: "I didn't know your waters could break and you can still carry the baby. When your waters break, they usually think you're going to go into labour within the hour. From that point they said the baby could come any day now ... There are so many problems that come along with that happening."

"I was 100 per cent bed rest. It was a scary time for all of us ... They keep calling my daughter a miracle baby."

The 'Superstar' singer - who is also mother to 15-year-old daughter Teja and 12-year-old daughter Tiana - gave birth to a baby girl on December 13 last year.

But Jamelia revealed when she did eventually go into labour she had to battle treacherous weather conditions to get to hospital.

She said: "I went into labour that weekend that we had that awful snow. My husband was at work and my eldest daughter had three of her friends over for a sleepover. It was like an episode of 'Fawlty Towers'.

"We ended up having to walk in the snow to the train station - you couldn't make it up! I was in labour. By that point it was just remain positive, make a joke out of it. We did have such a laugh."

Jamelia also told host Lorraine Kelly that her baby daughter is called True.

She said: "Her name is True. We've called her True. The reason I hadn't revealed the name or gender was I wanted her to meet my nan and grandad first. She only met them this weekend. I had a lovely little girl, another daughter and her name is True and we put Winter in there too as it's part of the story."