Matthew Rhys has backed a GoFundMe campaign to buy a pub in Wales.

Matthew Rhys has backed a campaign to save a pub in Wales.

Matthew Rhys has backed a campaign to save a pub in Wales.

'The Americans' actor hails from the country and has strong ties to the Pennnal region where locals are attempting to purchase The Glan Yr Afon Inn after it was put up for sale by its owners - with the residents insisting the pub's future needs to be safeguarded by community ownership.

Matthew told The National Wales: "I have strong personal ties with the Pennal area and believe that this venture is hugely important in helping to safeguard the community's future.

"It is wonderful to see people taking responsibility and ownership for their communities in these challenging times and I wish them well in their endeavours. If you can support please do so ... "

The campaigners have set up a community group called Menter y Glan and they hope to raise £450,000 to buy the pub and develop it - adding facilities such as a shop and cafe as well as accommodation.

A message posted on the GoFundMe page explains: " (We aim to) safeguard this historical building and historical location, and ensuring a legacy which has played a vital role in Welsh History for generations.

"Secure the Glan yr Afon building existing business (and continue to operate), refurbish and adapt the property to create a multi-functional community enterprise, including: redeveloping the accommodation (with up to 9 bedrooms) and establishing a community cafe and shop in the unused outbuilding at the rear of the property ...

"The local community has set up a social enterprise fund (‘Menter Y Glan’) with the aim of securing all factors necessary to make this venture a viable and exciting future. We can’t wait to do this with you by our side!"

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