Sting has joked that "vanity" is the key to his youthful appearance.



The 70-year-old singer was complimented on his appearance by TV host Lorraine Kelly during an interview on her ITV show, and Sting subsequently opened up about how he's managed to retain his good looks.

Lorraine asked: "You look great - what is it down to?"

Sting replied: "Vanity. And a bit of discipline."

The chart-topping star - whose real name is Gordon Sumner - is a long-time yoga enthusiast, and he also thinks that regular exercise has helped him to stay in good shape.

He said: "I studied yoga for 30 years. But everything becomes yoga after a while."

Sting celebrated his 70th birthday on October 2, but he still exercises and sings regularly.

He shared: "I swim everyday, I like to walk, and I sing."

Sting previously admitted that despite being in good shape for so many years, he actually loves to indulge his taste buds from time to time.

Asked if he's strict about what he eats, he said: "Officially yes. Unofficially: it’s ice cream, chocolate, wine."

The singer also suggested that he likes to hear what people think of him - regardless of whether it's positive or negative.

The 'Every Breath You Take' hitmaker - who shot to fame as part of the Police - explained: "In some ways I consider it an advantage to know how other people view you. You’re under no illusions about how you’re thought of.

"You have to strike a balance: there’s people who can’t stand the sight of you, there’s people who really love you and obviously the truth is somewhere in the middle. That’s the passage I’m navigating … I don’t get unduly hurt. I might get a bit crazy…"